Welcome to the Unconventional Life Blog!

What is The Unconventional Life?

The Unconventional life is all about living life by your own rules. It is not following the mainstream idea of what a normal life should look like. Instead, it is crafting and cultivating a life that works for you! That is what this blog is all about! Of course, everyone’s life is different and unconventional will look different for each person, I hope I can inspire you to live your most unconventional life through sharing my experiences and my journey to live and teach English abroad, while still having a home, family and professional life.  


Teaching Abroad and all things TESOL

I’m currently living in South Korea but not as the conventional English teacher. I am working as an Academic Manage for an English Institute in Hyundai Motors. I have been working as an Academic Manager for a number of years. Korea has a thriving market for international teaching that is not only focused on the typical English teacher position. There are a variety of options open to people thinking about living and working in Korea and abroad. I will share my work experience and advice to grow your career as an international teacher and how you can get started teaching abroad!

Basically, If you’re looking to start an international teaching career, I have already done the research for you! 



The International Lifestyle

It can be very exciting living abroad, traveling to new places, meeting new people, trying new things and experiencing a new culture! But what is important is establishing a life in your new country. Settling in and making it feel like home. I will share what I have done to make my traveling and day-to-day life just a little more comfortable for me and my family. How to get things from home, where to shop, how to organize your life and home when you’re moving around a lot and any odds and ends that come up along the way!